LED transparent screens

In No classified  On 01.16.19

The building of a local business has always been a great medium for advertising and attracting the attention of  potential customers. The walls are often covered with promotional posters that never look big enough. In the architecture of modern buildings, large glass walls are fashionable. A simple solution for combining these glass walls with outdoor advertising has been to develop transparent LED screens.

Even if they are still rarely available on the current market, transparent LED screens are now ultra trendy. You will see them light up inside the windows and project some of the most impressive images or videos on the outside. Of course, these LED screens have been designed not to block the view from the inside of the store. Brilliant!

Transparent LED screens are also flexible. We can therefore create a transparent screen with the dimension of our choice by respecting the dimension of the cabinet. Thus the screen can very well be adapted to the windows of your business.

The transparency ratio is 75%, which means that only 25% of the light is blocked in the window by the cabinet of the screen.

Finally, several image resolutions are offered and prices vary depending on the resolution and size of the screens. Contact one of our representatives to learn more about this new technology that will make much ado in the future!