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«Nit» is a unit for measuring the brightness of something, a surface or a sign for example. The sun projects 5000 nits when at its full power. Therefore your digital screen must display a higher brightness than the sun in order to appear luminous when set outdoor. The brightness of a LED sign can vary between 5000 and 10 000 nits. The type of LEDs used will determine the brightness of your digital display.

Libertevision uses only the brightest DIP leds which start at 7500 nits.  You can also upgrade to 9000 nits if your sign location is facing south or more exposed to direct sunlight.  For digital billboards, we use the highest brightness diodes producing 10,000 nits.

There is a newer type of LED chip in the market called SMD (Surface Mount Diode).  This new led incorporates the three colours that make up an RGB pixel (Red, Green and Blue) into one led chip.  The SMD diode is typically not as bright as the traditional DIP diodes but on the other hand, allows for better screen resolutions such as 8mm, 6mm or even less!  SMD diodes also produce a smoother looking image because there are no capsules on the screen face, the screen face is perfectly flat.  The brightness is at 7000 nits which is plenty of brightness for most LED display installations.

Our Libertevision sales representatives are specifically trained and qualified to advise you in terms of resolution, size and type of diodes that would help you to enhance your digital display. Contact one of our representatives and benefit from a personalized approach. They are available all across Canada (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia).