Libertevision’s projects january to march 2018

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There is a new Libertevision scoreboard at Centre Sportif Benoît-Lévesque in Roberval, Quebec!This new scoreboard technology replaces the old “digit boards” which are very common in older arenas. The new full colour scoreboard comes with all the bells and whistles to play video, live feed, sponsors and of course live game scoring! The led scoreboard in this project measures 15′-9″ by 9’5″ and has a high resolution (8mm).

There is a new Libertevision digital billboard on highway 35 in Iberville, Quebec. The led billboard has a high resolution of 10mm and measures 21′ by 10′. For advertising rates, please contact

From now on you will easily find the Daniel Lapointe Brasserie, which has opened on Main Street in Granby. Indeed, it has been equipped with high-resolution 8mm Libertevision digital display measuring 7′-4″ by 4′-2″. The management team can communicate events and special sales at any time to its clientele in a few clicks. Congratulations to Dominic Lapointe and the whole Brasserie Daniel Lapointe team for this novelty!

The City of MontSaint-Hilaire (on the South Shore of Montreal) has installed a new Libertevision led sign! This new structure holds two LED signs, each measuring 5′-3″ by 7′-4″ and is used to keep citizens aware of everything going on. The led sign have a high resolution of 10mm and have the newer SMD diodes offering a wider view angle. The digital signage are controlled by a web-based application which makes it easy to update the sign from anywhere, anytime!

Libertevision has installed a digital billboard in Airdrie, Alberta! The screen measures 22′-8″ by 11′-9″ and was built with high performance modules and high brightness diodes. The led billboard was specifically designed for the GO OUTDOOR company, which offers billboards advertising services in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

St. Andrew’s United Church in Georgetown, Ontario, has installed a new Libertevision digital display! The led sign is doublesided and features 10mm high resolution LED modules. It measures 6′-7″ by 3′-0″ per side and is used to keep in touch with the community. Congratulations for this great project!

Lunetterie Optiprix has chosen Libertevision once more to install digital dispaly in its brand new premises in Sherbrooke! The led signs have a high resolution (8mm) and measure 9′-5″ by 4′-9″. They are double-sided so that they can target every passers-by. Thanks to Sylvie and her team for trusting us again!

Libertevision has installed new digital signage in the beautiful village of Maisonnette in New Brunswick! The led signs have a high resolution of 6.67mm and measure 6′-4″ by 3′-2″. The village will use them as an indispensable communication tool with its citizens. Congratulations for this beautiful novelty!