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Of our product

An outdoor sign can identify your company and that’s important. But a digital sign will SELL your business and showcase what you have to offer !

Screen resolution

We offer different pixel pitches to our client, for an unequalled image quality and a pixel definition adapted to each type of project.
(3.9 mm, 5 mm, 6.67 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm and 16mm)

Quick release modules

Each module measures 160mm x 320mm and contains 16 x 32 real RGB pixels. The module easily unscrews with the “quick release” mode, allowing you to swiftly replace a module! The digital screen is controlled from the front which makes it simple and quick to manage.

Automatic brightness

The digital screen automatically adjusts its level of brightness. Indeed, the system automatically and gradually lowers the panel’s brightness depending on the level of brightness outside. At night, the panel is programed to comply with strict light regulations, no matter where it is located. It’s therefore possible to protect dark skies in areas such as Mont Mégantic in the Eastern Townships.


High-definition and great flexibility to broadcast your messages, images, and videos.

Viewing angles

The screen offers a wide viewing angle: 140° horizontally and 70° vertically, which is the industry standard.


The digital sign is designed and built to work in temperatures as low as -40°C and as high as 60°C, which is important in a country like Canada, with its hot summers and harsh winters.


The impermeable anti-corrosion aluminum chambers meet IP (Ingress Protection) standards with an IP65 rating, which means they can withstand dust, rain, snow, and strong winds.

Power packs

We use high-performance power packs which are widely used in the digital signage industry. The high-performance model we use can withstand temperatures as low as -40°C or as high as 60°C with automatic ventilation and integrated surge protectors. They are also equipped with a PFC “Power Factor Control” function which regulates the power intake and can reduce electrical consumption by up to 25%.



Libertevision offers a five years limited warranty for parts and one year for labour on your digital sign. The warranty covers any screen failure in the course of normal use. The warranty does not cover damages caused by vandalism or an accident (ex.: a projectile hits the screen). In that case, Libertevision can repair the screen but the company’s hourly rate will be charged and the price of components will be added to the invoice. Replacement parts are in stock in Sherbrooke and available on short notice. We also offer an extended warranty for labour.

An impressive service life

Our products are designed to withstand the variations in our Canadian weather. The screen’s diodes have a life of 100,000 hours – which is equal to 10 years of continuous 24/7 usage.

IP screen address

It is possible to identify the screens’ fixed IP addresses in order to remotely control the screens. Libertevision can program your screens according to any required technical specification.



Small screens

Screens for providing a powerful communication tool to smaller facilities.
Starting at $4,200

Medium-sized screens

A screen that creates a powerful impact!
Starting at $15,000

Large screens

Large screens for businesses such as malls and sports centres, or for digital billboards.
Starting at $25,000

*Financing available

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60 months / zero $ down payment financing

Available financing OR Projects within your reach

We’ll help you every step of your digital signage project, including financing. We are dedicated to flexibility and accessibility and that’s why we are offering you a 60 month payment plan with $0 down payment.

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