About Libertevision

A highly qualified team is on hand to meet your needs

Libertevision is a digital signage company established in Canada in 2010.

It all started when Richard Laliberté, President and Founder of Libertevision, noticed that a hotel in Sherbrooke had installed a beautiful digital sign on their outdoor pillar. Searching for a new business challenge, he was then struck by the idea of founding a company specializing in digital signage.

Not only are digital signs able to enhance the beauty and vibrancy of a neighbourhood or city, they are extremely efficient communication tools. Static billboards that need to be manually changed are now a thing of the past. The future is digital!

Our team

Today, Libertevision has offices in Quebec, Ontario and Alberta. Their highly qualified team is on hand to meet your needs. David Vachon and Ruth Plowright have joined Libertevision as associate partners and come together to work for you and with you. Let our team of qualified digital sign professionals help you look your best!