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A product

That’s gaining in popularity

An indoor digital sign allows you to enhance the customer experience by providing your clients with a vibrant, adapted, and attractive display.

Screen resolution

We offer different pixel pitches to our client, for an unequalled image quality and a pixel definition adapted to each type of project.
(1.9 mm, 2.5 mm, 3.9 mm, 4.5 mm, 5.9 mm, 6.67 mm and 8 mm)

Indoor signs

Indoor digital signs are superior to video wall displays because they produce a seamless image that is continuous and clear. And large! In fact, as far as size goes, the largest television screen can’t even compare with the smallest LED display! Perfect for getting your audience’s attention! Contact the experts at Libertevision for all your indoor digital display projects!


Digital signs have the advantage of letting you change your message whenever you want. This means high impact and timely advertising. Want to promote an upcoming event? Let your LED display do the work for you!

Easy to

Your digital sign comes with powerful software that will let you operate your sign quickly and effortlessly. Your signs can be accessed remotely using your computer or tablet.


The difference between the level of brightness of a digital sign and a traditional sign is night and day. Not only are LED lights much brighter than regular lights, they do much more than illuminate your message. They create it. In addition, the sign has a built-in brightness sensor that will automatically adjust the screen’s brightness to any environment.


LED lights will last over 100,000 hours. That’s approximately 10 years, 4x more than fluorescents and 20x more than regular light bulbs.


LED lighting is a cost-efficient way to save energy.

A customized product

For your indoor digital display, call Libertevision!



Libertevision offers a five years limited warranty for parts and one year for labour on your digital sign. The warranty covers any screen failure in the course of normal use. The warranty does not cover damages caused by vandalism or an accident (ex.: a projectile hits the screen). In that case, Libertevision can repair the screen but the company’s hourly rate will be charged and the price of components will be added to the invoice. Replacement parts are in stock in Sherbrooke and available on short notice. We also offer an extended warranty for labour.



Indoor screens with flex modules

Flex modules bend to allow you to make a complete 360º round screen if you wish! Made of sturdy plastic, they are ultra-light and magnetic for easy installation. We can create any size and design.

Indoor screens with magnetic modules

Magnetic modules are designed for easy installation and maintenance. We can create the perfect size screen for you. Available in three resolutions: 6mm, 8mm and 10mm.

*Financing available

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60 months / zero down payment financing

Available financing OR projects within your reach

We’ll help you every step of your digital signage project, including financing. We are dedicated to flexibility and accessibility and that’s why we are offering you a 60 month payment plan with $0 down payment.

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