Increased visibility for your Organization

Community organizations or charities are essential parts of any community. Illuminate the services provided by your organization.

Digital signage for your organization is a way to showcase its actions and mission.

Community organizations, charities and clubs are often the lifeblood of a community. They work hard to improve and embellish their neighbourhood. It’s important that everyone can easily stay informed on your organization’s past and current events.

A digital display is the perfect way to keep in contact with people and lets you display community messages, promote upcoming events and highlight the values you support.

It’s a simple way to be seen, to increase your members and partners and to communicate and touch the people around you.

Our main goal

Increase your reach within your community.

Main benefits

Increased visibility

Your organization or club will benefit from showcasing your activities, values and mission on a LED display visible to passersby who in turn might become invaluable contributors to your projets.

Efficient communication

Digital signage is your voice outside your offices, a voice that carries. You’ll be able to efficiently communicate what you think is important and you’ll be able to quickly modify the content you display, day or night.

Create a bond

Communicating with a LED display is a way to start a
discussion with the community, with the people who will see your words displayed. It’s a way to create a bond with those around you.

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