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You will love the control and diversity offered by a digital signage and you will especially appreciate the fact that it is so simple to use. Our On-Vision software is easy to use, with an intuitive interface: displaying content on your LED screen can be done in a few clicks.


The On-Vision control software, available in both English and French, has been specifically developed and customized for your Libertevision screen, It works without installation and is accessible via any web browser. Libertevision offers you a complete training to ensure you are comfortable with its use. A troubleshooting service, always available, is also offered.

A versatile

On-Vision is used to manage the content displayed on your digital sign. Among other advantages, it will allow you to create ads, broadcast images and videos, display web content (weather forecast, etc.) and so on for the optimal use of your Libertevision screen.


On-Vision updated are free and automatic. You can enjoy the many benefits offered by On-Vision for as little as $20 per month (for the ‘standard’ version charged $240 per year). Do not hesitate to contact us for more info about the other available versions!

About antennas

Your digital signage is a communication tool and our priority is to make it as efficient as possible. That’s the purpose of an antenna.


We’ll choose a location outside your building where the antenna is as discreet as possible.


To function properly, your digital sign must be connected to an antenna that transmits the information to the sign. That’s what will allow you to display the content you want to your clients.


A high-quality image, which in turn reflects your brand image, can only be created through a connection with an antenna that easily transmits your messages from your computer to the outdoor digital sign.

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60 months / zero down payment financing

Available financing OR projects within your reach

We’ll help you every step of your digital signage project, including financing. We are dedicated to flexibility and accessibility and that’s why we are offering you a 60 month payment plan with $0 down payment.

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