Digital signage in schools and educational institutions are an efficient way of highlighting your academic contribution to community.

Your school is a world of its own, a digital display is a way to showcase it.

Any education institution, from grade school to universities and everything in between, are dynamic environments that have a lot to offer, share and say. Education is a place where communication thrives. That’s why these institutions should rely on digital signage to transmit messages to staff, students and visitors.

An LED sign can easily reach people, announce upcoming events, publicly congratulate students and more. In essence, it is an open agenda of what goes on in your school.

A digital display can also be used as an educational tool when content is created by students. It’s easy to create and manage your content. A great educational tool of communication!

Our main goal

Shine a light on your academic identity

Main benefits


Digital signage can ensure greater visibility to your activities and institution. You can alternate several messages and easily reach your target audience. Your school agenda at a glance.


Words can create a bond and an academic community needs this bond to grow, thrive. Showcasing what moves and guides your school on an LED sign is a way to nurture your institution’s core being.


Visually attractive messages grab attention. Letting your students unleash their creativity or allowing staff to compose touching messages will contribute to your academic mission.

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