Solutions for Cities and Towns

A city that wants to reach its citizens in a timely and relevant way needs digital signage to communicate effectively.

A digital city is a city that speaks to today’s citizens.

There’s always something going on in a city, so many events and activities happening. That’s why it’s necessary to have the right tools to reach citizens. That way, they can stay informed about what their city has to offer. A digital sign is an efficient way of doing so and can also convey any essential information citizens should know.

In full view, the digital sign communicates directly with citizens, while adhering to the values and image of the community.

Our main goal

Be able to continuously talk to your citizens.

Main benefits

Continuous communication

A digital sign can announce, inform and attract, any time, day or night. Whether for a memo about an event, current news, congratulations or safety notices, let it become your illuminated voice.


Citizens want their city to reflect their identity. A city that goes digital by communicating with residents via LED panels will be able to attract new families by presenting itself as a contemporary and progressive place to live.

Emphasize your values

Each city has its own personality and values that it wants to bring to light. An LED display is a great way for a city to show off its persona, slogan and the vibrancy of its urban life.

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“ It is nice that we have professionals available, not only to make the sale but see the project through to completion with coordination of licensing permits and several contractors. I strongly recommend Libertévision for any LED sign installations that you may encounter, as she has proven to me the importance of customer service. Well done Libertévision, well done. ”

The Town of Sherlburne

John Telfer – CAO/Clerk