Digital signage adopted in the city of Gatineau!

In Billboard  On 12.17.15

December 1st, the City of Gatineau updated their sign regulations in order to take into consideration digital signage, which are more and more popular across Canada.

Digital signage basically replace manual “letter changers” and posters businesses had to change every time there was a new promotion.

More and more cities and municipalities are revisiting their sign bylaws to allow digital billboards. The reasons are simple, digital signs are safe, attractive and allow cities and businesses to convey their message to the community more freely than ever.

If you were a young family searching for a new city or municipality to move into, would you choose a city that greets you with old wooden signs lit by light bulbs or a city that “wows” you with a beautiful full color digital sign saying “Welcome to our town”?

Just as the computer has replaced the typewriter, digital signage is the new wave of municipal and corporate signage.

Digiral sign

Les promenades Gatineau

Sports arena centre LED digital score board at the Olympique in Gatineau

Olympiques de Gatineau Arena