Why is outdoor digital signage more effective?

In No classified  On 11.21.18

Digital signage allows you to have a more “surprising” visual impact than static display, thus making your communication more efficient. The images are excellent as a means of communication! (According to the study NAME OF THE STUDY in italic in YEAR), the human brain processes pictures 60,000 times faster than texts. Visual communication is therefore better suited for a consumer whose attention is increasingly limited in time. On average, your LED billboard captures the attention of a passerby for only 8 seconds.

Outdoor digital signage remains the ideal medium for a local corporate clientele. It offers you the opportunity to communicate in a specific geographical area. For all businesses with a brick-and-mortar presence and a mostly local clientele, outdoor digital signage is an ideal solution to promote and develop a catchment area.

An LED light panel remains the mass media par excellence, available to everyone. It is also an extremely fast mean of communication: in just a few days, the majority of passers-by in an area covered by digital signage will be exposed several times to the displayed ad.

The impact of digital signage on sales has been demonstrated by various studies. Recently, an econometric study published in 2011 (insert here NAME OF STUDY in italic) had established that for every $ 1 invested in dynamic outdoor advertising, the profit on sales was $ 2.80.