Libertevision’s projects October 2017

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L’Ascension-De-Notre-Seigneur, in the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean area, has decided to get closer to its citizens thanks to its new digital sign. Indeed, the LED light panel allows the municipality to communicate with citizens in just a few clicks from the Town Hall. Broadcasting information has never been this easy and efficient! The 6mm 4 “x 3′-2” 10mm high resolution screen is built with high performance modules and high brightness diodes.


In the charming municipality of Saint-Camille-de-Lellis, Libertevision has installed a 10mm double-sided digital sign, with high resolution, measuring 6′-4 “x 3′-2”. Congratulations to the municipality team who now has a very efficient way to communicate with its citizens, as well as to the Enseignes Clerjean team for this great achievement!

BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products)

Libertevision has installed two digital signs at Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) manufacturing facility in Valcourt, QC. This will help the production team by showing various messages via the high resolution 6.67mm outdoor digital signs. Digital signage is not only for advertising, it also improves productivity!


The municipality of Saint-Jacques (in the Lanaudière area in Québec) has just installed their new dual-sided high resolution 10mm digital signs! The signs are quite large at 7′-10″ x 4′-7″ and are used to keep the population informed of everything that is going on in town. The photo tells us that Halloween is just around the corner!


The municipality of Saint-Lin-Laurentides (Lanaudière, QC) and its 17,000 inhabitants have opted for a single-sided LED panel of 6′-4 “x 3′-2”. The 10mm high resolution screen is located at a 4-lane intersection for an incredible visibility! Messages are sent and checked directly from City Hall by the municipality staff. Congratulations to the Mayor and his dynamic communications team for this great achievement!


The double-sided digital screen of Saint-Majorique-de-Grantham measures 5′-3 “x 3′-2” and broadcasts information for the citizens in full color with a high screen resolution of 10mm! We all are very proud of this great success!

EKO, Wendake

The EKO gas station in Wendake has chosen a new Libertevision digital sign! This outdoor sign is a high resolution 6mm screen. Our team has also installed an indoor sign for the convenience store located in this area. This is the second LED display for the Huron Council and it will help keeping the business active and the citizens well informed!

 Eagles Nest, Ontario

There is a brand new Libertevision sign at the Eagles Nest gas station, located in North Bay, Ontario! The digital sign is a dual-sided high-resolution 10mm screen, measuring 8′-10″ x 4′-7, and will be used to advertise the different products offered at this very busy convenience stop. Congratulations to Natalie and her team for this major addition to their pillar sign. Mark Vainio, the sales representative for Libertevision in this area, was the facilitator of this project.


Libertevision is proud to have been chosen by the City of Waterloo to carry out a large-scale project. Our team was mandated to install five LED light panels at three different sites. A first single-sided color digital poster, with a high resolution of 10mm with 9000 nits diodes, has been installed in the Park. A second double-sided color digital poster, with a high resolution of 10mm with 9000 nits diodes, has also been installed near the Arena. Finally, the improvement of the pylon in Waterloo Square (in the city center) was completed with a new LED light panel and two 8mm screens with SMD diodes of 7000 nits. Thank you to municipality staff and Waterloo citizens for their trust!