How to choose the best screen resolution?

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Each digital display is composed of hundreds of thousands of pixels to create a homogeneous image. The pitch is the distance between the centre of each pixel on the screen, which will determine the resolution and quality of the image. The smaller the pitch, the better the resolution of the screen and the better the image quality. This can be explained by the fact that a greater number of pixels can be placed in the same area. The measure varies from approximately 20 to 4 mm.

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How to choose the best screen resolution?

There are two factors to consider. The first is the distance from which the digital signage will be viewed. The pixel pitch determines the ideal distance you need to maintain from the screen without the pixels appearing as thousands of LEDs but as a uniform image. The smaller the pitch, the closer we can see the screen and have a good image quality.

A good rule of thumb for best viewing distance is PITCH = METRES:

20mm pitch:  Best viewing from 20 metres (66 feet) or more

16mm pitch:  Best viewing from 16 metres (53 feet) or more

10mm pitch:  Best viewing from 10 metres (33 feet) or more

8mm pitch:    Best viewing from 8 metres (26 feet) or more

6mm pitch:    Best viewing from 6 metres (20 feet) or more


 The second is the quality of the image that is required. For instance if you want to project images with a very high resolution or if you want to play a lot of videos, you will need a smaller pixel pitch. Of course, the smaller the pixel pitch, the better the quality of the image and the higher the price. This is why you can lower the cost of your led signs depending on its future use and if the viewing distance allows you to use a higher pitch for a good image quality.